Best SSPs for Publishers 2024: A Comprehensive List

Updated on: April 24, 2024
In this article I'm going to be listing the best supply side platforms (SSPs) for publishers in 2023.

Publishers have multiple choices to monetize their websites with ads. One among them is connecting with efficient Supply-side platforms (SSPs)

Choosing the right SSP that fits their needs has become difficult with the presence of a multitude of options. It is important to analyze and choose the right partners that can help to earn maximum revenue for every ad impression. 

After careful review, we’ve covered some of the top SSPs (supply-side platforms) and listed them in this blog. Explore their offerings to pick one that suits you. 

Before going into the list, let’s refresh the basics quickly.

What Is an SSP? Why Do You Need One?

SSP or Supply-Side Platform connects publishers’ ad inventories to multiple demand partners (DSPs) via ad exchanges or sometimes directly. So when a user loads a page, ad requests will be sent to multiple DSPs that are connected to thousands of media buyers bidding to show ads to your users.

The SSP procures the highest-paying bid and then passes it to the ad server (say, Google Ad Manager). Then, the ad server will decide based on your configuration and serve the ad. You would need to connect with advertisers 

  • SSPs will help you connect with numerous ad exchanges/networks and reach hundreds of thousands of advertisers worldwide. 
  • Besides establishing a connection with many advertisers, SSPs manage the complexity of working with multiple ad networks or exchanges. 
  • They also offer various other advantages, such as a suite of tools to troubleshoot networks/exchanges, unified dashboards, and more.

Best SSPs for Publishers 2024


OpenX provides one of the best SSPs for digital publishers enabling them to get access to premium advertisers through its ad exchange (which is connected to 30,000 advertisers). Many top publishers, including VICE, Venatus Media, iFunny, etc., have leveraged OpenX’s SSP platform to increase revenue.

“Minimum Traffic Requirement – More than 10 Million Monthly Page Views”



  • Eliminating the necessity of passback or waterfall method, OpenX offers two types of header bidding solutions – OpenX Bidder (proprietary) and Adapters for third-party header bidding wrappers, to the publishers that help them to connect with several demand partners via the OpenX exchange marketplace or any other third-party ad exchanges to sell the available ad impressions in real-time at best possible CPM rate.
  • Video monetization solutions (video header bidding) for publishers to monetize their video inventories in the marketplace. With OpenX SSP, publishers can reach out to 45+ video DSPs across the globe. Also, it offers a variety of video ad formats, i.e., in-stream and out-stream.
  • OpenX offers programmatic direct deals, i.e., Programmatic guaranteed, Private auctions, and Preferred deals for publishers, enabling them to achieve greater control over their inventories and offer more transparency. Also, OpenX’s direct deals can mitigate brand-safety concerns related to sensitive advertising categories such as Pharmaceuticals.
  • The SSP provides SDKs (Software Development Kits) to app publishers and leverages the kits by directly integrating with the application and their programmatic advertising effectively without affecting the quality of app domains. With the assistance of third-party viewability vendors such as Integral Ad Science and MOAT, OpenX ensures the publishers maximize the viewability score and a better user experience. serves as both an ad server and an ad exchange. It offers publishers a comprehensive suite of tools and analytics, including Google Analytics Integration and Data Studio.

They provide services for publishers of all sizes and niches. They also offer different ad formats and deal types to suit different publishers. The minimum traffic required to enter the platform is 10,000 page views monthly. 


  • Keyword-targeted advertising.
  • Fully managed header bidding solutions.
  • Prebid adapter.
  • Access to Google Exchange Bidding (EBDA).
  • Offers different ad formats such as native, contextual, video, and display ads.


  • You can show ads based on keyword-targeted advertising. They filter the user intent based on keywords to enhance ad relevance and performance.
  • They offer different ad formats to suit different publisher needs. They offer native ads to enhance user experience and contextual ads relevant to the site’s content.
  • They optimize ads to be responsive across mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.
  • They have large marketplace access and connect publishers with multiple demand partners. It increases competition and revenue potential. 



Adform is one of the best SSPs for connecting premium demand with publishers. It offers technical assistance in web and mobile monetization. Also, they offer full-stack solutions that can be integrated into the existing ad server, granting access to premium demand partners. 

Adform also offers ad servers and Data Management Platforms (DMP) for publishers. There is no minimum traffic required for a publisher to register with the platform.


  • Real-time bidding and programmatic media buying.
  • Multi-channel support.
  • Full DMP integration.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting.


  • The full DMP integration enhances targeting and ad personalization.
  • Publishers can get in-depth insight into ad performance and audience engagement.
  • They support different kinds of dynamic and static ad formats
  • Their dashboard gives comprehensive insights with data collected from various digital marketing tools. 
  • Publishers can choose bidders to bid on their ad inventory, ensuring relevance and quality.


Pubmatic the future of monetization

Being a top-tier SSP, the Pubmatic Supply-Side Platform has been trusted by many big publishers like, Tribal Football, etc., and offers full-stack technology to enhance publishers’ ad revenue by connecting them to demand partners from all over the globe. 


  • OpenWrap Header Bidding. 
  • Mobile Application Monetization.
  • Programmatic Direct Deals.
  • Analytics tools and dashboard.


  • Pubmatic offers header bidding solutions for app developers and web publishers, enabling publishers to monetize their ad inventories in real-time. OpenWrap, i.e., Pubmatic’s header bidding wrapper, is built on the Prebid wrapper core and offers various benefits, including client-side/server-side support, centralized reporting, and multiple ad formats support.
  • It provides OpenBid SDK for mobile app publishers and developers to attract more third-party demand via server-side header bidding. With the help of Pubmatic’s OpenBid, app developers can get access to more than 200 demand partners and agencies through PMP, RTB, and header bidding.
  • Provides a proprietary dashboard (analytics platform) with a cloud-based UI that enables publishers to get insights into aggregated data and manage the performance of various demand sources.
  • Like OpenX, Pubmatic also offers programmatic direct deals (Guaranteed and Preferred deals, PMPs), enabling publishers to sell their premium ad impressions at a higher CPM rate to pre-approved advertisers based on certain parameters (CPMs, number of ad impressions, types of ad formats, etc.).
  • To provide the best-quality ads on behalf of publishers, the supply-side platform has partnered with The Media Trust and Confiant. Also, it offers automated solutions that help publishers to safeguard their ad inventories and ensure that the ads are free from malware and do not violate advertising policies.



Magnite is the Rubicon Project’s rebranded version after merging with Talaria. Trusted by Business Insider, Financial Times, GANNETT, Los Angeles Times, Hearst, and many other top publishers, Magnite is one of the best options for publishers who are looking for a supply-side platform.

“Minimum Traffic Requirement – 5M+ Monthly Page Views”


  • Heading Bidding Solutions.
  • Mobile Application Monetization.
  • Video Monetization Solutions.
  • Programmatic Direct Deals.


  • Magnite provides a header bidding wrapper built on top of open-source technology (i.e., Prebid) for web and mobile app developers. Publishers can integrate their website with Magnite’s marketplace via its supply-side platform.
  • Magnite offers private marketplace deals, preferred deals, and programmatic guaranteed campaigns for premium publishers. Hence, improved yield and proper management of advertising.
  • It provides a variety of ad formats/sizes for web publishers and mobile app developers. Also, Magnite offers various robust reporting and analysis tools to get insights into the performance of the ad campaigns and improve delivery and ad revenue.
  • Besides, the seller platform offers video monetization solutions for publishers across various devices (i.e., TV, OTT, DOOH, Programmatic TV, etc.) and reporting to analyze the performance of ads.



At Xandr’s seller platform (earlier known as AppNexus), publishers can reach hundreds of demand partners and sell their ad inventories by using open auctions or private auctions. Several publishers, like Ouest France, Schibsted, Seattle Times, and many more, have integrated Xandr’s SSP with their websites and improved their website ad revenue.

Minimum Traffic Requirement – 10M+ Monthly Page Views”


  • Header Bidding Solutions. 
  • Mobile Application Monetization. 
  • Video Monetization Solutions. 
  • Programmatic Direct Deals. 
  • Native Advertising. 


  • Xandr’s SSP platform allows you to set up server-side header bidding and run auctions on the server side, improving page load speed.
  • It offers auditing tools to publishers that enable them to edit manually to optimize the ad experience for the users. 
  • Provides header bidding solutions to app publishers through Prebid mobile and helps them to monetize their AMP inventories as well. Also, the platform offers monetization solutions for video advertising through the Prebid video.
  • Besides open exchanges, it enables publishers to plug their premium ad inventory into private marketplaces and makes it easier to sell them to a selected number of advertisers without making additional contacts to demand partners from an open marketplace. 

Verizon Media


Offering various data-driven monetization solutions for publishers, the seller-side platform runs various ad campaigns such as CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPI campaigns for publishers across the globe. By accessing more than 230+ demand partners, publishers can make the most out of their ad impressions and increase their overall ad revenue. 

Minimum Traffic Requirement – 3M+ Monthly Page Views”


  • Heading Bidding Solutions.
  • Mobile Application Monetization.
  • Programmatic Direct Deals.
  • Dashboard.


  • Verizon Media offers various video monetization solutions to publishers and app developers. It provides them access to multiple advertisers and enables them to sell their display or video ad inventory via header bidding or PMP deals such as programmatic guaranteed.
  • It provides app monetization solutions to gaming or app publishers by integrating its proprietary SDK into the apps and helps them to enhance their mobile revenue without hampering the user experience. Also, with the help of Oath’s SDK, publishers can mediate their app inventories to Google’s AdMob.
  • Offers advanced revenue and traffic reporting and customization tools for publishers to keep track of various parameters, including generated revenue (last seven days), basic metrics related to traffic, and ad impressions sold.



Sovrn helps a publisher to connect with hundreds of demand partners from anywhere in the world and maximize the revenue of each ad impression with its proprietary technologies. The platform enables a publisher to use Google’s Open Bidding Dynamic Allocation, Amazon’s TAM (Transparent Ad Marketplace), and many more.


  • Heading Bidding Solutions.
  • Mobile Application Monetization.
  • Email Monetization.
  • Programmatic Direct Deals.
  • Ad Block Unblock.


  • With the server-side script configuration of the wrapper, publishers/developers can easily integrate server-to-server header bidding to their websites and have full control over their ad inventories while monetizing.
  • Offers a dashboard for analytics and reporting that includes various features such as data management, bid level reporting, and domain filtering. With the help of Sovrn’s dashboard, publishers can quickly understand the behavior of bid requests, understand the data, the performance of ad providers, etc.
  • Sovrn’s dashboard has an additional feature, i.e., Ad Block Unblock. Via Ad Block Unblock, a publisher can understand data and get insights to identify the impact of ad blocking on a website.
  • Besides content monetization, Sovrn also provides products to monetize e-mails and mobile data through which publishers can monetize in-app, location, etc.

Teads is one of the best-suited seller-side platforms for publishers who are looking to run video ads (out-stream) on their websites. Trusted by some of the top publishers such as BBC, CNN International, Mail Online, Bloomberg, and many more, Teads provides a video monetization suite to premium publishers. 


  • Teads Studio. 
  • Video SSP.
  • Programmatic Direct Deals.


  • Like other Seller-Side Platforms, Teads provides an open exchange platform for publishers, enabling them to sell their video ad impressions.
  • Via Teads SSP, publishers can access Teads Studio (Teads’ creative and data platform for advertisers) and create, and personalize ads for better user experience across all devices (mobile, desktop, or tablet).
  • With the help of Teads programmatic direct deals, a publisher can open up their ad inventories to the best demand partners before selling them through open exchanges or marketplaces. Additionally, the platform offers native advertising that would look like a publisher’s organic content and video advertising on any device.
  • Offers a dashboard to analyze advertising performance data of all demand partners. 



SpotX is a video SSP that helps publishers connect with fitting demand partners to sell video ad space and inventory. It is now working under the Magnite. They have comprehensive video ad products for full ad management and trafficking. They get the highest bid for your inventory to increase the ad yield. 


  • Real-time bidding and programmatic selling
  • Header bidding
  • Video player bidding
  • Multiple ad formats


  • They support header bidding unified auctions to increase the ad yield. Both server-side and client-side header bidding are available.
  • They also offer integration with popular video players like Brightcove, JW Player, and more.
  • The platform offers multiple video ad formats, including CTV.
  • They also help sell your inventory using direct deals in real-time bidding.
  • SpotX connects you with major DMP providers so that you can get deep insights into your audience data. 


Google Ad Manager (also an extensive ad server) helps publishers to earn revenue by running display, video, and rich media ads. As one of the largest and top SSPs in the market, Ad Manager enables a publisher to fill their ad requests with the highest-paying ads.


  • Exchange Bidding (s2s header bidding). 
  • Video Advertising.
  • Direct Sales and Managed PMPs.
  • Dashboard and Advanced Reporting System.


  • Google Ad Manager offers Exchange Bidding for publishers that help them to connect with more demand partners at once and increase their ad revenue programmatically, just like header bidding does. Also, the SSP offers various programmatic channels to sell their advertising space, such as open auctions, preferred deals, private auctions, first look, etc.
  • Provides a powerful dashboard that helps a publisher to get better insights into the performance of various ad campaigns, revenue growth opportunities, and many more. Besides this, publishers can integrate various other tools offered by Google, such as Google Analytics, BigQuery, and Data Studio seamlessly.
  • Google’s SSP follows strong advertising policies and ensures the publisher’s brand safety and better user experience.
  • For video ad publishers, Google Ad Manager offers monetization solutions and supports various ad formats such as in-stream, out-stream, rewarded, and vertical. Also, it helps publishers monetize video content across various devices, e.g., OTT.

Index Exchange

Index exchange

Index Exchange is one of the best SSPs for publishers. Being a fully integrated monetization platform for publishers, Index Exchange SSP helps publishers to increase their ad impressions’ CPMs and maximum yield for the website. The SSP has 


  • Header Bidding Solutions.
  • Display and Video Monetization solutions.
  • Direct Sales and Managed PMPs.


  • With the help of Index Exchange’s SSP, a publisher can connect with premium advertisers to sell their high-value ad inventories at the highest possible CPMs. 
  • Offers header bidding solutions by integrating wrapper (or adapter if you use a wrapper) on the publisher’s website and enables the publisher to sell their ad inventories to multiple demand partners in real-time.
  • Index Exchange is a member of the Prebid community, and hence it can help you integrate the Prebid server adapter and other products and services of the community.
  • The SSP’s header bidding wrapper supports GDPR, TCF1 and TCF2, and CCPA. However, it doesn’t support COPPA.

Nowadays, supply-side platforms are the next step for many publishers who want to extend their reach and sell the advertising space at scale in real time. As all the SSPs offer programmatic display and video ads to publishers, you might be a bit confused about suitability. The platforms typically don’t mention the minimum page views required to partner with a site publicly.

If you’re a premium publisher with hundreds of millions of page views, you can get into all of the SSPs we’ve discussed. But in reality, many independent publishers with niche/engaged audiences couldn’t get into the top-tier SSPs. The requirements are too high, and some prefer to work only with the top media companies. 

What’s Next?

A few years back, digital advertising was straightforward. But, with the rise of programmatic advertising and various technologies, it is crucial to understand which platform can provide maximum yield for your website.

So, we suggest you check their capabilities (access to numerous demand partners, the platform interface, technical support, etc.) and then decide what’s right for the test run. And it’s an iterative process. You must monitor redirects, malvertising hits, ad quality, and user experience while experimenting with demand partners. 

Furthermore, connecting with one SSP is insufficient to get the highest bid possible for your ad inventory. You need to connect with at least two to three SSPs to achieve a profitable CPM, and that requires setting up header bidding on your website.

Implementing header bidding is not handy unless you are a technical expert. Handling header bidding without expert knowledge will only lead to a lower fill rate, CPMs, and ad yield. The ideal way to overcome this is to connect with the programmatic monetization partners, who are skilled professionals in ad management.

If you are working on hiring a leading partner and can’t find the best fit, contact us. We will connect you with the best one that is ahead of the learning curve and boosts your revenue potential to new heights.

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