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3 Super Bowl Strategies From the Top Publishers

Super Bowl Strategies for Publishers
“The Super Bowl is understandably associated with television ads, but it’s such a big event that it moves the digital media market as well.”

Super Bowl ads are perhaps the most highly anticipated in all of television advertising. In 1984, Apple aired what is widely considered one of the best ads in history during the Super Bowl that launched its Macintosh computer. Super Bowl ads can be more expensive because they’re being watched by more people than almost any other ads. 

As a result, the ads get more exposure, and that exposure is practically unprecedented. The commercials are hyped and advertised as much (if not more) than the game itself — and for good reason. Advertisers spend an insane amount of money for a 30-second spot during the game, because they know that millions of people will be watching. In 2019, a 30-second spot cost the advertisers $5.3 million, and on average, the cost of reaching 1 million views was over $53,000, up by 10% Y-o-Y.

Super Bowl CPM Exposure

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But gone are the days when Super Bowl advertising used to be an opportunity limited by traditional broadcast. Today, with such a large viewership combined with the rise of online video platforms, we’re bound to see some shifts in Super Bowl advertising.

“The Super Bowl is understandably associated with television ads, but it’s such a big event that it moves the digital media market as well. Marketers who understand these dynamics can be smarter with their digital investments during this year’s game,”

– Matt Greitzer, COO and Co-Founder, Accordant Media (Src)

As you know, Super Bowl just winded up and many sports publishers did their best to provide Super Bowl-related coverage on their websites, mobile apps, or other streaming devices to take advantage of this major sporting event. But what strategies are truly effective? We’ll look at different Super Bowl Strategies for Publishers that are tried by some top publishers during Super Bowl in this article.

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