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State of Ads.txt

State of Ads.txt – 2019

Ad fraudsters keep siphoning the ad dollars and the convoluted adtech ecosystem struggled to clear up the supply chain. IAB Tech Lab, a digital media consortium finally came up with a simple text-based tool that could curb the domain spoofers. From preventing spoofers to ruling out unauthorized sellers, Ads.txt file, indeed, does the job.

Of course, not just publishers, adtech companies helped the tool to get the adoption it requires.

Ads.txt – Everything You Need To Know

Programmatic Selling on the Open Internet

At Automatad, we work with hundreds of publishers across the globe and we’ve seen that the industry (especially, publishers) aren’t aware of the state of ads.txt. Some didn’t adopt the ads.txt as they felt it’s not necessary to do so. We made it mandatory for publishers we work with, to have an updated and errorless ads.txt file.

We also noticed that there’s more we could do. When you decode the ads.txt files, you can see the state of programmatic selling – Who are the most-used exchanges, seller-to-reseller ratio, % of publishers using FAN (Facebook Audience Network), etc.

Why do you need to know the details?

We’re glad, you asked – To set a benchmark and improve the programmatic selling on the open internet. Though we can’t decide the exact state of programmatic selling just by looking at the ads.txt, there’s certainly more we can derive other than adoption %.

Unlike others, we tend to dive deep and answer specific questions, rather than skimming over the surface. Let’s get to the subject.

State of Ads.txt US

What Ads.txt Files of Top 2000 Sites Tells Us About Programmatic Supply?

Amazon has quietly captured 28 percent of the supply and Facebook has access to roughly 20 percent of the top publishers programmatic inventory.

Ads.txt India

A look at the surprising state of ads.txt in India

Of 1685 publishers, only 494 have hosted an ads.txt file - That’s 29.32% of the total. Apparently, there’s still a lot needs to be done. Read the full story.

Ads.txt AU

State of Programmatic Selling in Australia

Predictions are far from answering any specific questions. What percentage of publishers are actually using programmatic channels to sell their impressions? Who is the preferred monetization partner?

Ads.txt Canada

Ads.txt adoption still under 50%: study - Canada

One crucial tool in the fight against ad fraud is growing in popularity, but is still not quite mainstream among publishers.