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Ads.txt Plus – What Should You Know

Ads.txt Plus and Blockchain for Publishers
Blockchain technology could help publishers in selling their content instead of anticipate revenue through advertising.

We are all aware of the importance of ads.txt for publishers, but with blockchain technology taking over all the technology platforms, the advertising and publishing industry is no more left behind.

With the new techniques in the programmatic advertising industry, the marketplace has been too crowded with brands, agencies, industry advertisers groups, vendors, etc. making the process complex and unclear.

This, in turn, leads to ad frauds, raise of unauthorized exchanges and loss of credibility and performance. When advertisers buy from the open exchange, fraudulent inventory sale and resale becomes the key challenge for them.

To resolve this issue, IAB introduced Ads.txt for publishers and their reseller partners. But still, there were some publishers who were not quick to update the text file with the new resellers and removing the outdated resellers from the list.

Besides, with the DSPs using crawlers to look for the ads.txt file on publishers’ site, tend to miss the updates as they take time to go through the file.

What is Ads.txt Plus?

To address this matter of losing time to crawl and get instant updates, MetaX has introduced Ads.Txt Plus (at a beta stage), an open source decentralized application that disrupts digital advertising environment with blockchain technology. By bringing ads.txt to Ethereum blockchain, it results in Ads.txt Plus.

The application has a simple user interface that allows publishers to add sellers to blockchain and the buyers can easily search for their particular publisher. This is one of the first open source decentralized application that enables all the actors in the digital advertising industry to write to a platform and experience the blockchain environment.

Distinguished features of Ads.txt Plus

1. Ads.txt plus assist publishers in auto-updating the distribution list of sellers, removing the need for a buyer to run web crawlers for ads.txt. Since the blockchain technology comprises of an up to date database, with ads.txt plus it is possible to receive instant updates on any changes made to ads.txt records.
2. Ads.txt plus also support publishers in managing their inventory on mobile web or apps.
3. Ads.txt Plus serves publishers with highly secured and encrypted data, which enables publishers to secure a private listing of resellers while still allowing buyers to access & manage campaigns.

Ads.txt Plus is an initiative by MetaX to utilize the features in ads.txt and upgrading its utility and performance by collaborating blockchain technology with it. Implementation of Ads.txt Plus will promote integrity and trustworthiness within the advertising industry.

Update: Ads.cert, a new add-on for Ads.txt has been announced by the IAB Tech Lab. You can find about it here.

Blockchain technology transforming advertising world

Blockchain technology is so secure and robust that it eliminates the challenges and mediators; making the transactions more efficient and streamlined. With the publishing industry facing challenges such as extreme competition, plagiarised content, dependency on search engines and the shortage of strategic options to monetize the content; blockchain is the best possible option for the publishing industry.

Blockchain technology could help publishers in selling their content instead of anticipating revenue through advertising.

Blockchain technology connects your content directly to the buyer via encryption. It also enables publishers to utilize bitcoin where every transaction is recorded. It is also possible for publishers to contain the supply of similar copies being created, downloaded or looked upon.

The best part of utilizing blockchain technology is that every time a transaction is made, the complete transaction history gets recorded right from the originator, purchases, divisions it flowed from and exchanges details; making every transaction unique in its own way.

Since blockchain technology limits any user to create multiple copies of already existing content, it increases the value of the original selling content. Plagiarism has been one of the challenges for publishers which can be easily overcome by using blockchain technology platform.

Any publisher looking for an increase in monetizing their content, blockchain technology is the future.

Though this may appear hypothetical, you never know if the published content is viewed in terms of micropayments giving the best value to intellectual content in the publishing industry and also supplying increasing security.

We’ve published a study on how blockchain technology has been used the publishers. You can read it here.

Who’s in beta?

The CRO of MetaX, Alanna Gombert didn’t name the publishers who are utilizing the Ads.txt plus (from MarTech Today). However, she said the company will disclose the publishers and advertisers soon.

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