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Becoming Vogue

Becoming Vogue
We are stepping into a new year and a new decade. While you are prepping up to face the challenges, we are here to offer some help via our 'Becoming' as usual. This time, we'll take a look at how Vogue, one of the sought-after digital publishers in the market, became what it is today.

Vogue aims to celebrate “the ceremonial side of life”.

Why Vogue?

Are you fond of fashion and lifestyle content? If yes, then, you are likely to be aware of Vogue. Vogue is one of the notable online fashion magazines with a cult following and stable and distributed revenue streams. 

Why we picked Vogue? The publisher that started as a social gazette in the late 19th century, has now become a top lifestyle magazine today. We aren’t charmed by the sight of fashion on the website, but by the unique growth strategies. 

Here are a few facts that surprised us and made us curious at the same time:

  1. Vogue magazine made its first appearance on December 17, 1892, and priced at 10 cents. Arthur Baldwin Turnure introduced the weekly magazine in New York. Now you can get an idea of how long they have been in the publishing industry, surviving several economic downturns and the Great Depression. And as of today, Vogue has 20+ international editions.
  2. At present, the Vogue brand receives more than 95M+ unique visitors every month. Want to know their social media reach? The publisher has 118.7M+ social media followers according to Conde Nast, the parent company (Src). Besides, check the graph below to know about social media contribution to their traffic.

Vogue All Traffic Sources, 2019

So, here’s a little peek at what you can expect from this case study:

  • Traits of Vogue – what they did to acquire traffic and how they turned the traffic into daily users,
  • How Vogue differentiated itself from other successful digital publishers, and
  • Successful marketing and advertising strategies. 

How It All Started?

It was 1995 when Conde Nast launched the digital version of Vogue (vogue.co.uk) (Src). Just a handful of people worked to leverage the then-nascent web to gain readers. Although the dot com version of American Vogue was also available, it existed in Style.com, a fashion website of Conde Nast launched in 2000. 

As you could imagine, there was not much traffic and revenue in the early days. Vogue.co.uk was just another new site on the Internet trying to get readers and reach new subscribers.

It is Anna Wintour who has given an innovative look to Vogue, reshaped the era of stylistic ideals and helped the brand to expand their portfolios into several regions.

Where Are They Today?

Since its launch, Vogue has been a favorite fashion brand among millennials. The publisher covers fashion from all angles and has immensely grown its fanbase in the last decade. Many of the competitors questioned whether Vogue will be able to stand the test of time. And undoubtedly, the publisher has crushed such doubts. Look at their numbers: 

Vogue Traffic in 2019

“Vogue is a synonym for fashion consciousness – for style, joie de vivre, and indulgence.”

So, what are the strategies that worked well for Vogue? Let’s dive deep into Vogue’s journey and see how they handled problems and expanded their reach.

Becoming Vogue

Vogue’s Internet Foray

Till 2002

In the late 1990s, the demand for digital content started growing increasingly as the readers started turning to the internet. And, 2.2M+ users were consuming online content in 1994, and the number was expected to double the following year (Src). 

So, looking at the trend of the time and to capitalize on online consumers looking for fashion and beauty information about the celebrities, Conde Nast went online with British Vogue in 1995 with vogue.co.uk. 

Right from the start, Vogue clearly understood the market it’s going after and knows what sort of content will resonate with the ideal audience. That’s how Vogue managed to bring advertising revenue from luxury brands, even in the early days. 

Automatad Team

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