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Becoming Tasty

Becoming Tasty
“Tasty isn’t Game of Thrones. It’s not this long-form show that feels inaccessible and that you can never recreate.”

 Seeing publishers who have experienced the same exponential growth as Tasty is quite rare. For context, besides being a niche site, Tasty acquired over 10 million monthly unique visitors in less than five years. But that’s not the reason we’ve decided to cover Tasty in our Becoming. There’s something more interesting. 

Why Tasty?

Tasty is a medley of American, Chinese, Greek, and more cuisines served up in style and liveliness. From Macaroons to Tea Blends for Zodiac signs, Tasty focuses on recipe guides and food videos addressing various occasions and also shares the best cuisines from all over the world. 

Over the years, Tasty has become the ultimate destination for foodies. Can you believe this food website has racked up 7M+ Monthly Uniques (Src)? What’s more? 

  1. Tasty is a subdivision of BuzzFeed. Even though it is a part of the parent company, it accounts for a significant portion of the overall revenue of the parent company and has 6 global editions (Src). Now imagine how difficult it will be to tell a coherent story across the editions and channels. 
  2. Amidst the BuzzFeed’s complex content model, the publisher diversified and launched a flagship channel on YouTube dedicated to the Tasty. Tasty not only helped the publisher to increase the audience base and ad revenue of the parent company but also managed to get away from the image of a meme-aggregator and GIFs site.

Impressive? Absolutely. There’s a lot to learn from Tasty and we’re fans of publishers who can show us how to take on traffic and revenue from zero to millions in a year. So, let’s start from the beginning.

How It All Started?

Back in the summer of 2015, Jonah Peretti, founder of BuzzFeed, introduced Tasty. Tasty was just a new page added to the existing site of BuzzFeed. In parallel, the publisher created a new decided page on Facebook to cater to its audience. Yeah, Tasty was just a page. With a skeleton crew (actually from BuzzFeed), Tasty forayed into the media business. 

Tasty begun due to the rise of BuzzFeed’s Facebook video viewerships. As said by the publisher, Tasty began as an experiment when the video producers of BuzzFeed found a rapid increment in viewership of videos posted on the Facebook page. They observed a series of videos offering content related to food such as “6 Eating Tips”, “3 Ingredient Beer Dip”, etc. were doing well and exceptionally popular than others.

So, the team decided to build a new platform that wasn’t connected to BuzzFeed to capitalize on the trend. And this is how they began producing recipes consisting of quick shortcuts and they’re rightly known as an “Accidental global brand”.

Where Are They Today?

Tasty has paved a way for the parent company to subtly market its other brands as well. Today, Tasty has exclusive Facebook pages dedicated to different markets – Proper Tasty for the UK, Tasty Miam for French, Bien Tasty for Spanish people, and more. 

Tasty Social Media Monthly Views, 2019

Graph from Tubularlabs.com

Though the niche of the website is different than the parent company, the strategies are the same – create quick videos that deliver extreme value. The food video channel now garners billions of viewers every month and has become a big franchise for the publisher. Surprisingly, more than a hundred people are involved in Tasty (including teams for video production, marketing, ad campaign management, etc).

Tasty Monthly Uniques, 2019

Most importantly, it went from a page to a whole site and Tasty.co attracts 8+ million unique monthly visits, according to SimilarWeb. Interested in learning how Tasty evolved in the last few years? Let’s see the success story of the video recipe website in detail.

Automatad Team

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