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How to Resolve VAST 1009 Error in Google Ad Manager?

Have you seen this message “Ad error: AdError 1009: The VAST response document is empty." in your ad manager account? Don’t worry. Let us help you resolve it.

Have you encountered a VAST 1009 error in Google Ad Manager? It is one of the most common bugs a publisher comes through while working with the VAST tag

VAST 1009 implies an empty VAST document with no video file and respective tracking events inside the tag. The VAST 1009 error can likely happen when a publisher:

  • Fails to add target the right ad units while creating video line items. 
  • Creates a video ad unit size that doesn’t match with the one defined while creating a line item. For example, the line item will have 640x480v, but the ad unit size is set to 640x360v.
  • Makes errors such as start and end date errors, invalid key-values, variable frequency capping, etc. while trafficking the order and line item.

So, how to fix the error? Here is a checklist that can help you to resolve the error and ensure that it doesn’t occur again:

  • Check if the targeting of line items and ad units is done correctly. And make sure that the size of the ad unit is the same as the video ad size under the line item section. Also, ensure that the video asset has been uploaded to the right video line item creative.
  • Check if the VAST tags from third-party ad servers are redirected. At last, don’t forget to test the tags in the VAST Video Suite Inspector.

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