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How to Track User Activities and Conversions in Google Ad Manager?

As a publisher, sometimes you need to track your user activities and conversions to make an informed decision. So, let us help you understand how to track user activities in google ad manager.

In Google Ad Manager, an activity is a specific action taken by the user on your website. Sometimes, an advertiser (direct deal) might ask you to help them understand how users are interacting with the ads or if they are contributing to the conversions, and so on. 

In such cases, publishers can create and manage the following activities in the ad server:

  • Pageviews,
  • Daily visits,
  • Items purchased,
  • Transactions,
  • App installs, and so on.

You can start with activity and conversion tracking by following the steps given below:

#1: Create an activity group

  • Sign to Google Ad Manager and click Admin > Activity groups.
  • Click the New activity group and enter a relevant name for the same.
  • Enter the advertiser for whom you created the activity group.

#2: Create an activity

Once you have created the activity group (s) as required, the next step is to create the activities you want to track. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go back to Admin and select the activity group for which you want to create the activity.
  • Click New activity and select activity type – Pageviews, Daily visits, etc.
  • Finally, save the activity.

#3: Generate the tags

Now that you have created the activity and activity group, it’s time to generate the tags. Follow the steps to do generate the tags:

  • Click Admin > Activity groups. Select the activity group you created.
  • Now, locate the activity and click ‘Copy tag’ that can be found in the “Tag” column.

Once you have generated the tags, it’s time to send it to the advertiser who can further copy-paste it on his/her landing page.

Note: This conversion tracking feature in Google Ad Manager is only available for the publishers who have access to the Premium version of the ad server. So, if you want to access it, you need to get it enabled via your Google Account Manager.

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