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How to Set-up Prebid Video in Google Ad Manager?


The implementation takes place in two stages. In the first stage you setup your server i.e. Google Ad Manager, where you create the line items and creatives. In the second stage, you integrate the Prebid code on your site.

Stage I: Setting Up the Ad Server

Setting up the ad server is fairly straightforward. You need to create line items and assign ad creatives as usual. You just need to select video while creating the line items and ad creative setup varies from display ad units. 

Stage II: Code Implementation on the Site

In this stage, you have to implement codes from Prebid on your site and it involves four steps: 

Step 1: Creating a video ad unit

Step 2: Implementing Custom Price Buckets

Step 3: Requesting bids, build video URL

Step 4: Invoking video player on Prebid video URL.

We’ve explained the process and the steps in detail here.

Automatad Team

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