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How to Display Ads From a Single Advertiser on a Page?

If any of your advertisers wish to display a set of ads on a page, you can do it via google ad manager’s roadblock feature. Let us show you how.

Advertiser wishes to take over the complete web page of your site and display the same or different adverts on the ad slots? Worry not as Google Ad Manager offers a “Roadblock” feature that allows publishers to restrict other advertisers to display their ads and saves the ad slots of a page for a specific advertiser.

Steps to do in Google Ad Manager

  1. Go to the home page. And click Admin > Global settings  > Features.
  2. Click the toggle Guaranteed roadblocks (GPT SRA only) to enable the Roadblock feature.

Guaranteed Roadblock

If you want to serve non-guaranteed roadblocks, you can set them within line items.

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Automatad Team

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