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How to Integrate JW Player With DFP?

Here’s how to integrate JW Player with Google Ad Manager (DFP) to deliver video ads from header bidding/Google demand on your website.

If you are using Google Ad Manager for mediation, the JW player wouldn’t conduct the auction. All the bids are sent to GAM and Google chooses the winning line item to serve the ad. That being said, you need to configure ad server to integrate JW player for video bidding.

Here’s how to do it:

a. Create a video line item and create and update the key-values (from JW Player) in the targeting section.

EMX vpb_emx_bid Value of the bid or nearest bucket increment
Pubmatic vpb_pubmatic_bid Value of the bid or nearest bucket increment
SpotX spotx_ad_key Value of the bid
Telaria vpb_telaria_bid Value of the bid or nearest bucket increment

b. Add video creatives. Make the creative set as “Redirect” and add the VAST tag URL from the player partners.

EMX https://vpb-cache.jwplayer.com/cache?uuid=%%PATTERN:vpb_emx_key%%
PubMatic https://vpb-cache.jwplayer.com/cache?uuid=%%PATTERN:vpb_pubmatic_key%%
SpotX https://search.spotxchange.com/ad/vast.html?key=%%PATTERN:spotx_ad_key%%
Telaria https://vpb-cache.jwplayer.com/cache?uuid=%%PATTERN:vpb_telaria_key%%

Note that we have only discussed the ad server configuration here, you also need to enable video bidding in JW player to get started.

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