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What Are the Ad Formats to Avoid?


The Coalition for Better Ads has conducted an extensive study involving 66,000 consumers to determine the least preferred ad experiences for both desktop and mobile. If you want to deliver a better user experience, you should avoid:

On Desktop: 

  • Pop-up ads.
  • Auto-playing video ads with sound.
  • Prestitial ads with countdown.
  • Large sticky ads.

On Mobile:

  • Pop-up ads.
  • Auto-playing video ads with sound.
  • Prestitial ads.
  • Full-screen scrollover ad.
  • Prestitial ads with countdown.
  • Ad density higher than 30%.
  • Flashing animated ads.
  • Large sticky ads.

Google Chrome is planning to block the aforementioned ad formats by default, so it’s time for you to remove them from your ad strategy.

Automatad Team

At Automatad, we help publishers to monetize better without hampering the user experience. Our products are live across hundreds of publishers, earning them incremental ad revenue with every passing second. You can request a free audit to get an estimated revenue uplift today.

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