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Header Bidding 101 – Episode 1

Header Bidding changed the way the Ad tech works. It has caused the inventions of so many technologies and unfortunately, intermediaries in the ad tech today. let's take a deeper dive into the much-needed topic 'Header Bidding' in this series.

Header Bidding 101 – Episode 1
Header Bidding

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Header Bidding:

Before start listening to Header Bidding 101 series, let’s see why we created it in the first place. Header Bidding revolutionized the way publishers and Advertisers trade ad impressions programmatically. ServerBid’s latest Header Bidding report says that 70 percent of Alexa’s top 1000 sites are implementing Header Bidding to monetize their inventories.

Although the method is around for a while, Publishers still have some doubts and confusions regarding how it actually works and helps in gaining maximum value for the impressions. So, we’ve decided to start with the important series – ‘Header Bidding 101‘. In this episode, you’ll learn What is header bidding and what are the benefits of using Header bidding.

In Episode 2 learn about Waterfall vs Client-Side vs Server-Side Bidding

In Episode 3, get tips on how to get higher e-CPMs with header bidding

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