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How to Find the Pages with a Specific Keyword Like “Coronavirus”?

You may want to find specific pages on your website for various purposes, for example, you may want to run direct deals on these pages, or you may want to exclude these pages in a campaign. 

There are multiple ways of finding the pages with or without specific keywords on a website. The free but a little time-consuming way is to use Google search. Apart from Google search, you can also use third-party tools like Screaming Frog.

Using Google

Here is how to find web pages with a specific keyword through Google search:

  • Enter “site:” followed by the desired website name. For example, site:www.abc.com. This custom parameter asks Google to perform a search on a specific site.
  • Followed by a space type the keywords you are looking for. For instance, site:www.abc.com “keyword”. In place of keyword you can put your desired keyword.
  • Hit enter and you will find all the pages containing your desired keyword.

How to find web pages that do not contain a specific keyword.

  • Follow the same procedure, except add a “-” sign before your keyword.

Finding a phrase.

  • Use the same procedure, but write your phrase within double quotation marks (“phrase”) in the place of the keyword.
  • All the keywords and phrases within the double quotation mark will return with pages that have them in the same order.

After getting the list of all the pages on SERP, you can either list them manually on a spreadsheet or use a SERP scraper tool if the number of pages is very large.

Using third-party tools

Third-party tools like Screaming Monkey provide you the tools to find and extract the list of such pages but you may have to pay for the service. Our suggestion will be to use a tool that gives you a free trial if your requirements are temporary.

Automatad Team

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