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How to Get Log-level Data from Google Ad Manager?


If you have Google Ad Manager as an ad server and looking for log-level data, then here’s one of the best offerings of the server – Data Transfer Reports. But there is a catch. You have to pay Google to get it enabled for your account and it is exclusively available for the publishers who have access to the premium version of Ad Manager (GAM 360). 

Previously, log-level data in Google Ad Manager was provided by Bid Landscape Report (deprecated due to secure user-level privacy in open bidding).

Data Transfer Report gives an in-depth insight into all the bids submitted to a publisher’s auction. With the help of these files, a publisher can create a complete bid landscape that shows a range of information about the number of bids received across dimensions like region, ad units, browsers, buyers, and so on.

The information helps a publisher to evaluate the value of their ad inventories and the behavior of ad buyers through hundreds of metrics and dimensions. As you can see in the image, the Data Transfer Report provides non-aggregated event-level data from the ad campaigns and the server generates separate files for each type of event (ad requests, bid response, ad impressions, clicks, etc.).

Currently, Google Ad Manager has nine different types of Data Transfer Files and each of the files is divided into two parts – one for filled events and one for backfilled events. 

More at Google Ad Manager log-level data.

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