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How to Improve Fill Rate On A Sticky Ad Unit?

Though Improving the ad fill rate on sticky ads is the same as improving the fill rates on any other ads, there are certain things that you need to look after. Let’s check them out here.

Improving the ad fill rate on sticky ads is the same as improving the fill rates on any other ads. But as sticky ads tend to stay in-view for the users, it should comparatively have better viewability, eCPM, and fill rates. 

So, should you aim for a 100% fill rate? No, here’s why

Coming back to the original question — what can you do to improve ad fill rate on stick ad units?

  1. Ensure it loads and renders faster. Bidders wouldn’t want to bid on the impressions that don’t render to the user instantly. DSPs have the ability to track the performance of your units over time and if it isn’t hitting the expectation, they’ll bid on other sites.
  2. Header Bidding. If you haven’t already, consider implementing header bidding on your site. It intensifies the competition b/w the demand partners and increases the eCPM and fill rate substantially. 
  3. Ad Sizes. Ensure you are using the ad sizes that are in high demand and enable more than one size to serve on the sticky unit. For instance, if there’s no 300×250, you can serve 300×50, 320×100, etc.
  4. Maximize Relevancy. As sticky units are highly viewable, the best way to increase CTR is to improve your inventory targeting. A fractional increase in CTR can result in a considerable change in fill rate.

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