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How to Implement Header Bidding on a WordPress Site?


Header Bidding has seen a meteoric rise in the past few years. Most publishers prefer to implement it with the help of third-party service providers (also known as, header bidding providers). If you do so, they’ll give you a piece of JS that you have to place on your pages, this, in turn, will initiate the header bidding process.

There are multiple ways to add the ad codes to your site’s head or any other parts of your site. You can do it manually, or by using plugins made to edit the header and footer of WordPress sites, or by using ad management plugins.

  1. Manual Method: You go directly into the folders and files of your website and edit them to add the codes.
  2. Header/Footer Plugins: These plugins are made to inject codes to your site, you can use them to insert the header bidding codes as well.
  3. Ad Management Plugins: These plugins will not only help you with code insertion but they’ll provide you a host of other features to manage the ads on your site. For example, creating ad units and placements, pacing the ads, integrating monetization partners, etc. 

Learn how to implement header bidding via all three methods here.

Automatad Team

At Automatad, we help publishers to monetize better without hampering the user experience. Our products are live across hundreds of publishers, earning them incremental ad revenue with every passing second. You can request a free audit to get an estimated revenue uplift today.

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