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Weekly Roundup – GDPR + Publishers, Facebook F8 Updates, Apple Vs Adtech!

Ad tech weekly roundups (4)
We constantly work towards improving the adtech weekly roundups based on your feedback and add-ons. And, we would like to continue doing so. We love your feedback, so, feel free to let us know what you think.

In case, you missed our last week’s roundup, here you go. Let’s dive into this week’s roundup.

‘GDPR has its uses’ – Publishers

We’re sure that you have heard the term ‘GDPR’ over a hundred times last week. Here’s more.

Publishers are reportedly using GDPR to shed ad tech vendors. On an event organized by Digiday, Publishers have shown much more gratitude towards ‘GDPR’ than expected.


As GDPR is inevitable, publishers have started to look at the brighter side. Recently, they’ve noticed that GDPR will cut down the poor vendors in their chain automatically.

As per the law, Publishers have to get consent for the technologies and third parties they’ve employed for advertising and tracking purposes. This will force the ad tech vendors to let publishers know about their backend data processing.

If found guilty, Publishers will bid farewell to them.

So, Ad tech is going to be ‘Sacred and divine’

Not yet. The famous sports publisher ‘GiveMeSport’ said, even after reducing the ad tech vendors (partnered with) from 23 to just 5, they weren’t sure about the data.

But a test showed that the users’ personal data has been processed by 500 companies approximately.

Takeaway: It’s not an easy job to cleanse the ecosystem. But GDPR will kick out some faulty ad tech vendors.

Facebook F8 Updates – What you need to know!

Let’s ignore the dating feature and oculus rift. Facebook has announced a new privacy tool called “Clear History” which lets users delete their data facebook collected from the websites and applications using its ads and analytics tool.

Hear it from Mark.

Also, expect to see 3D photos and VR Memories. Facebook will take your usual 2D photos and videos and turn them into 3D illustration models and visuals. It’s under development and will take time to launch, as per Facebook.

Ad tech knows where they’re headed. Soon, they’ll pitch advertisers with 3D ad models (remember Snapchat).

Twitter will allow Publishers to take Charge

The Company will let publishers sell pre-roll video ads themselves on its platform. The project is under development and will hit the market after a successful test run, according to a spokesperson.  

To date, Twitter is handling the ‘pre-roll video ads selling’ itself using its own product ‘Twitter Amplify’. But twitter believes allowing the publishers to decide the selling process will increase the revenue for publishers and make the platform more friendly and approachable.

On the other hand, advertisers can partner with selected publishes for pre-roll ads with flexible packages. A few publishers including Bloomberg and Buzzfeed have already worked with Twitter and endorsed the idea.

What isn’t changing?

Split between Publishers and Twitter. It will remain at 70 and 30 respectively.

New, Less-annoying Ads are on their way

You’ve heard about it. Digital Audio.

Sounds usual and not really new, right?

But WARC reported that US advertisers are willing to increase ad spends on audio platforms like Spotify. There’s a solid reason behind their willingness.

78 percent of 7000 consumers surveyed by Nielsen said they don’t mind hearing about sponsored content or ads in a podcast. And, most importantly 62 percent said they consider the product while making purchase decisions.

This is way better than traditional banner ads with 0.02% Click through rates.

Takeaway: Advertisers are interested to invest in formats that actually convert. Publishers should embrace video and audio content into their creation and distribution processes. The best way is to follow the consumers. Advertisers will eventually end up in the same queue.

Apple Vs (Facebook + Youtube + Twitter)

Apple News wants to be the publishers’ distribution outlet. Period.

It’s even paying publishers (so far, just one) to premiere their series and shows on Apple News rather than Facebook Watch, Youtube, and Twitter. Yes, you heard that right. It paid BuzzFeed to release a document series on Apple News first. Later the series has been uploaded to other social networks too.

This isn’t just for the season.

Apple has been capitalizing on videos from last summer by introducing Video widgets and features every now and then. Now, as it has over 59.9 million people on its News app, it is aiming for higher quality and longer videos.

Takeaway: The main push is due to algorithmic changes made by Facebook and Youtube’s failure to prevent ads appearing on hate speech and undesirable videos. Especially, publishers have seen a tremendous drop in Video views on Facebook after the recent algorithm changes. Twitter is also capitalizing on the situation by making the platform publisher-friendly.

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Automatad Team

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