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Weekly Roundup: Facebook’s News Feed Change, ‘Programmatic Predictions’, and more!

We constantly work towards improving the adtech weekly roundups based on your feedback and add-ons. And, we would like to continue doing so. We love your feedback, so, feel free to let us know what you think.

I heard a publisher saying that he hates Facebook. Well, Mark heard him too!

Last week, Facebook rolled out a couple of new features to provide more context on its feed (posts). And, it is available to all the U.S users, per source.

More context?

Every Publisher’s story on the feed will have a floating button (i) embedded in it. When a user clicks, it will show the Wikipedia info of the publisher (if any), related articles (from other publishers), where this story has been shared (locations), and most importantly, a Call-to-Action titled ‘Follow’.

Here’s how it looks:

Pretty neat, right?

Takeaway: Publisher can surely increase their engagement and get a few more followers. But hold on. Facebook has been testing and running experiments from last year. So, Facebook may be rolling it back. It all depends on feedback and Facebook’s KPIs.

Forecasting ‘Programmatic’ – Numbers you should be aware of

According to a forecast published by Zenith’s Programmatic Marketing, 67% of the total digital display advertising will be traded programmatically by 2019.

It was a substantial rise considering 59% programmatic trade in 2017. Also, the value of programmatic advertising is expected to hit US$84.9Bn by 2019.

Once again, the US will have a lion’s share of the total value as it already holds around 57% of the Programmatic Market today. On the other hand, China is expected to raise its numbers and experts see a huge potential (frankly, uplift) in china’s programmatic advertising.

Dreaming a ‘Programmatic’ world?

Let’s jump back to reality (2018)

eMarketer predicts that 24% of the UK’s total digital ad spending will be swallowed by Social Media. It’s a 24 percent rise in Social Network spending from last year.

How much is 24%?

Advertisers will be betting US$4.2 billion on Social Media alone.

But Facebook is losing users, right? Yes, it is. But Snapchat is gaining them, which balances the Social Network Ecosystem. Also, advertisers are more interested in visualized forms of advertising and branding after going through a lot of reports favoring the visual media.

Takeaway: Snapchat and Instagram will continue to take in more advertisers. Publishers need to embrace interactive/dynamic advertising ad formats to stay in the race.

Youtube can price Advertisers based on reach now!

Last Monday, Youtube launched a CPM-based pricing model for its TrueView Ads. Advertisers can now use ‘TrueView for reach’ to raise brand awareness.

Notably, True View for reach isn’t optimized for viewability but for the target audience. Youtube guarantees to get you to the eyes of your audience (similar to its bumper ads).

Previously, TrueView Ads were charged based on the Cost Per View model. Advertisers will pay only when a user views at least 30 seconds of the ad or take the desired action.

Why the new model?

Youtube was leaving money on the table by allowing advertisers to run 5-sec ad previews for free. Now, Google argues that even the 5 to 10-sec video views drive significant brand awareness and on some occasions, engagements later.

What will happen to the Good Ol’ Pricing?

It will be still supported by Youtube. So, Advertisers can use both the models depending on their marketing goals and funnel stages.  

How’s your data doing?

Facebook’s Newsroom is piling up with new updates and releases. It all started with a data breach, reported a weeks ago (but happened a few years ago) by The Guardian and The New York Times.

Facebook has already announced the changes in limiting apps’ access to user data, pausing app review, rewriting privacy terms, and stopping advertisers’ access to third-party data.

Adding to the list, Chief Technology Officer of Facebook Mike Schroepfer stated that the company will soon inform users whether their data has been compromised by Cambridge Analytica.

“87 million users were affected by the data breach”

In addition, Facebook has disabled the search feature which allows you to find profiles based on Phone numbers and Email Addresses.

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