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Weekly Roundup: Facebook’s New Casualty, LinkedIn’s Video Ads, and more!

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We constantly work towards improving the adtech weekly roundups based on your feedback and add-ons. And, we would like to continue doing so. We love your feedback, so, feel free to let us know what you think.

Hope you enjoyed the first roundup. Here’s what happened in our industry last week.

Are you listening to the trend?

‘Podcasting’ is a buzzword. Agreed. But there are publishers still scheduling meetings to determine whether podcasting is right for them.

Acast, a Podcaster’s networking, and listening app conducted a survey, to sum up, the influence of ‘audio’ in the US, UK, and Australian Market. And, the result says that the Podcasting industry will make more-than-expected noise.

Without any surprise, two-thirds of the listeners fall under either Millenial or Gen Z generation. Around 15% of the people said they listen to the podcasts for at least 5 times a week. The data even shows that weekday afternoons and evenings are the right time for you to market your podcast as those are the timings that attract more listeners.

Facebook Algorithm got ‘One More!’

In January, Facebook announced that they’re revamping the algorithm to prioritize friends’ shares and stories over Brands’. Soon after, LittleThings, a feel-good story sharing media publisher said they’re shutting down as Facebook killed 75% of their organic reach.

Now, there’s a new victim – ‘Cooking Panda’. A 7-year-old social food site grown its fanbase from 700,000 to 5.3 million last year and attracted millions of people from Facebook to its site. But the company said Facebook isn’t the only factor in this shutdown. Digiday, a Media Publisher tried reaching the co-founder Vic Belonogoff and returned with ‘no-response’.

Takeaway: It is a fact that Facebook news feed change downed the traffic of publisher, but publishers like New York Media said they’re not looking at a deep revenue cut. In addition, we see a shift to other social networking platforms (LinkedIn, Youtube). Don’t live by a single source, cover them all!

Autoplay Video Ads gets a new Platform to run on

You’re right! Video Ads have been playing in almost all of the social media platforms for quite a long time. LinkedIn, a professional networking platform was left behind in this race, but no more. LinkedIn is rolling out video ads which play automatically without any sound (for now).

Abhishek Shrivastava, director of product for LinkedIn Marketing said LinkedIn Video ads, unlike other platforms’ ads, can be used across the marketing funnel. From building your brand to collecting leads, all can be done on LinkedIn.

The ads employ LinkedIn targeting and conversion tracking capabilities too. In addition to Video Ads, it is launching native videos for company pages. For instance, a Company which is hiring can use the native video option to showcase the culture and working style.

Expect to see Video Ads on LinkedIn after a few weeks.

Kicking out ‘Third-Parties’ forever.

Facebook recently announced that it will shut third-party data providers out of its advertising space. This has spurred a lot of questions among media marketers and brands. Everyone is a bit confused as ‘no third party’ data means ‘drop-in acquiring new potential prospects/customers’ for some brands.

“Lack of third-party data may have a big impact on Ad-targeting and deliverability”

But Facebook said it still has sufficient data on its users and brands can use their own (1st Party) data to reach prospects on the social network. Probably, the move might be facebook’s preparation for GDPR and to prevent another ‘data mining’.

Let’s go with ‘Co-controller’

In the light of GDPR, Companies Big – Small have started to process and organize the collected data rightfully. And, those who are failing to get proper consent from users about extracting/utilizing the data will face severe fines and penalties.

Tech giant, Google has recently released its new privacy and data handling policies for publishers and it wants to be a ‘Co-controller’.

According to GDPR, Joint Controlling (Co-Controlling) is where two or more controllers jointly determine the purposes and means of processing, they shall be joint controllers. They shall in a transparent manner determine their respective responsibilities for compliance with the obligations.

Google identifies itself as a controller for some of its ad products, including DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX), AdWords, and AdSense. On the other hand, it functions as a processor of personal data gathered in services like Ads Data Hub, and Google Analytics, among others.

Since personalized ads are difficult to run under GDPR regulations, Google is planning to roll out non-personalized ads for the publisher. The company might work on the project after 25th of May.

Automatad Team

At Automatad, we help publishers to monetize better without hampering the user experience. Our products are live across hundreds of publishers, earning them incremental ad revenue with every passing second. You can request a free audit to get an estimated revenue uplift today.

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