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Weekly Roundup: DoubleClick IDs, GDPR and the AdTech Mediators, and More!

Ad tech Weekly Roundup 2
We constantly work towards improving the adtech weekly roundups based on your feedback and add-ons. And, we would like to continue doing so. We love your feedback, so, feel free to let us know what you think.

Not Facebook. GDPR made me happy.

We heard something that is very satisfying.

GDPR made consumers happy. With GDPR just over the horizon, online users are taking a step back and allowing the law to take care of the job. Of course, AdTech will take its time. But, there’s a catch (We’ll let you know at the end).

A study by DMA UK shows that 61% of online users are already happy with the amount of Personal data they’ve shared with the companies. And, 51% said that they believe data as an integral source of the modern economy.

This is a significant jump from 38% in 2012. Consumers who are unconcerned about their data and privacy has also increased from 16% to 25%. The shift is huge among 55-to-64-year-olds, who have always been complaining about online privacy.

How huge? 63% said they’re now happy with the data they share today. Back in 2012, only 47% said so.

So, What’s the catch?

The rolling dice may end up on our side. If consumers are happy to share the data we need to target ads and track them, the CPMs won’t drop (Or at least, will have a minimal effect). Eventually, we’ll run much smoother and safer.

Advertisers, it’s time bid farewell to DoubleClick IDs

As reported by AdExchanger, Google dropping its ‘DoubleClick ID’ feature which let advertisers access cross-functional reporting and measurement.

Advertisers use ‘DoubleClick ID’ to compare (performance) data generated by a unique user ID across various Ad and Consumer-facing products powered by Google. The data will be stored in a ‘DoubleClick Cookie’.

Advertisers use data transfer to compare the impressions (of a campaign) made on Google products Vs across the web using other ad servers. Starting from May 25th, DoubleClick ID will be not available for data transfer on Youtube Impressions, DCM Ad Server, and DoubleClick Bid Manager (DCM).


Again it’s, GDPR.

The MRC Viewability Standard is unreasonable – 97% of Video Marketers

The Media Rating Council (MRC) says a video ad which is 50 percent in-view for 2 consecutive 2 seconds would be deemed as ‘Viewable’ and an impression is counted.

A study conducted by ViralGains, a Video Advertising company shows that 97% of the interviewed marketers say the current video ad standard is ‘unreasonable’. The approached brands include Keurig, PepsiCo, Nestle Waters, Cox Communications and more.


  • Just 3 percent of the Marketers are satisfied with the current standard.
  • 24 percent says only 100% viewable impressions with sound should be deemed as ‘viewable’.
  • 42 percent says they aren’t satisfied but struggling to come up with a better one.
  • 30 percent says the standard is reasonable, only because there isn’t any better standard to embrace.

Take away: The MRC has issued a call to accelerate the 100% pixel Viewability research a while ago. Until there is a 100 percent pixel viewability standard, Marketers will be focusing only on selected and premium inventories. Also, they’re willing to pay more for a better inventory as the bottom line of most ad campaigns are conversions.

A better standard may also shift the focus from native advertising (Social Media) to the publishers’ inventories.

Reddit joins the race!

While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are continuously investing in advertising and brand partnerships, the ‘front page of the internet’ was busy redesigning and playing with its ‘Snoo’.

But now, all the works are done and Reddit is investing in advertising partnerships to attract brands and advertisers to its community. Last week Monday, Reddit announced that it is expanding its sales team to Chicago and increasing the headcount by 50%.

Why should advertisers listen to the Snoo?

79 percent of the users are 10 to 34 years old.

Users spend 15 minutes and 42 seconds daily on Reddit.

No.4 visited site in US and No.6 Globally, as per Alexa.

What’s holding the advertisers back?

Controversial content – Reddit is naive. There will be a few controversial contents and advertisers don’t want to appear along with them.

Targeted – It may not be good for most of the brands. Subreddits for TV series might work well for Netflix and production companies. But, on a larger scale, many can’t find a fit.

Youtube Partners with Old Buddies

JP Morgan Chase and P&G who have suspended their advertisement on Youtube due to brand safety concerns before a year are coming back to the video network.

But, they’re not relying on Youtube algorithms this time. The strategy is simple. Use custom (own) tools to filter and select the right channels to advertise and focus more on building audience and content.

Chase has developed an internal ranking tool to rank the channel based on brand appropriateness. The algorithm doesn’t just remove the extremist or unwanted channels, it order the best channels to advertise. Once the algorithm is done with its work, employees are used to hand pick the channels.

Even though Youtube assured brand safety and detailed content reviewing policies, P&G doesn’t like to take any chances. It reduced its advertising channels from 3 million to just 10,000 now. Furthermore, P&G made sure the videos are reviewed in-house before advertising on it.

What’s the bottom-line?

Advertisers should go beyond impressions. It’s an audience that matters. Building an audience will have a better ROI than advertising over million channels.

Automatad Team

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