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How to Set-up a Programmatic Direct Deal in Google Ad Manager?


Setting up Programmatic Deals enables a publisher to negotiate Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deal in Google Ad Manager. You can set-up terms of ad campaigns (e.g. number of ad impressions, CPMs, etc.) and finalize the deal when buyers accept the proposal.

To set-up Programmatic Direct deal in Google Ad Manager, follow the steps below:

Step #1: Enable Direct deals in GAM

  1. Go to the Google Ad Manager home page, and click Admin > Global settings > Feature.
  2. Enable “Programmatic Direct” and Save the setting.

Step #2: Create Publisher Profiles

  1. Go to Sales > Deal settings. Now, click New profile.
  2. Enter the publisher details such as Display name, Domains, Website’s logo & content page URL.
  3. Now, for Message to buyers field, write a brief description of your company (i.e. website), benefits of partnering with you, and your audience description.
  4. In the contact description section, fill the right description (name, email, and phone number) for programmatic deals so that buyers can reach out to you. And Save the settings.

Once you’re done with enabling the deal and setting-up the publisher profile, it’s time to turn on the buyer visibility and notifications. Buyer visibility has lots of options where you can allow buyers to make an offer or customize the buyers’ list as per your requirements. 

Next thing, enabling the notification so that you can get notified whenever there is a change in the negotiation process. Now, you’re ready to go with direct deals.

Here’s a detailed guide on programmatic direct.

Automatad Team

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