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How to Change the Delivery Speed of Line Items?

Are you creating a new Line Item or tweaking the old one for a better yield in revenue? Then try changing the delivery speed of the Line Item. Let us show you how.

You can manage the line item delivery speed by going to the ‘Adjust Delivery’ section within a line item. Under ‘Adjust Delivery’, you’ll have two settings:

  • Display Creatives
  • Rotate Creatives.

If you are creating a new line item then you will have one more setting:

  • Deliver Impressions

Let us understand them one by one.

Display Creatives: It is used to control how creatives can be displayed on a single webpage. It has four options:

  • One or More: Any number of creatives can be served on the page.
  • Only One: Only one creative will be served for an ad request.
  • As Many As Possible: Priority is given to the creatives of this line item to appear together on a page.
  • All: Either all the creatives will be served or non of them will be served.

Rotate Creatives: It is used to define which creative displays as a part of the rotation. It has four options:

  • Evenly: Each creative is displayed equally.
  • Optimized: The creative with the highest CTR will be delivered more often.
  • Weighted: Creatives will be displayed according to the frequency defined by you.
  • Sequential: Creatives will be displayed to each user according to the sequence specified by you.

Deliver Impressions: It is used to define the pace of the line item delivery. It has three options:

  • Evenly: The ads are delivered at a constant pace throughout the campaign period.
  • As fast as possible: It delivers as many ads as possible without compromising the delivery of other line items.

Frontloaded: It begins serving as much as 40% higher than its goal briefly and gradually declines to 5% ahead of schedule toward the end. The delivery goal is calculated hourly. 

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