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How to Change the Currency in Google Ad Manager?

Google Ad Manager allows you to change the currency but there’s a caveat. You can’t change it for existing orders and line items. Let us show you how to do it right.

Once your network is created, the currency is set. If you have already created orders and line items, then you cannot change the currency. But, if you want to sell ad inventories in different currencies, then you can create “Secondary currencies”. 

Suppose, you have two line items – On one line item, you can set the CPMs in Dollars and the second line item can havevCPMs in Euros. To add Euros as a secondary currency, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Google Ad Manager. And click Admin > Global settings > Network settings.
  2. Go to the “Secondary currencies” and enter the additional currency “Euros” in the field.
  3. Click “Save”. For the new line items also, these currencies will be available.

Why you need a secondary currency?

It is easy for you to set up orders and create proposals if you are dealing with advertisers from a different country. How Google will handle currency differences?  The ad server will automatically convert the additional currencies into the default currency. In this example, if the default currency is Dollars, then Ad Manager will convert Euros into Dollars and according to the line item priority, it will deliver the ads and revenue.

That being said, it is recommended to carefully enter the currency type while creating line items.

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