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How Can I Get the Bid Price of the Header Auctions?

Here's how to get the details of all the bidders participated in your header auction.

After the auction on the webpage, you can check the bid price with the help of Google Chrome’s developer tools. Follow the steps given below to check the winning bid price received by Google Ad Manager while running Prebid auction:

1. Go to your website’s page that has the ad inventories for which you are running Prebid auctions via Google Ad Manager.

2. Right-click to open Chrome Developer Tools. Now, go to the Sources and click on Snippets.

3. Then, click on + New snippet and give a name to the snippet. In the code field, paste the below code:

var bids = pbjs.getHighestCpmBids();
var output = [];
for (var i = 0; i < bids.length; i++) {
var b = bids[i];
‘adunit’: b.adUnitCode, ‘adId’: b.adId, ‘bidder’: b.bidder,
‘time’: b.timeToRespond, ‘cpm’: b.cpm
if (output.length) {
if (console.table) {
} else {
for (var j = 0; j < output.length; j++) {
} else {
console.warn(‘No prebid winners’);

Prebid Check Winning Bids

4. Right-click on the snippet file and select Run. Now, click on Console.

5. Here, you can check the ad slots with various details such as the bidder, ad slot ID, bid price, etc.

Prebid Bids

Snippet from Prebid.org

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