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How Publishers Can Become COPPA Compliant?


According to COPPA, you can only run contextually-targeted ads to the children. In order to server non-personalized ads, you have to send child-directed ad requests to your ad server (Google Ad Manager).

How to Send Child-directed ad requests?

1. Search Console:

If you are a publisher with a section of content or specific domains directed to the child, then you can tag the respective sections/subdomains using Search Console.

2. GPT Tag:

But for most of the sites, there’ll be only a couple of pages (if at all) with child-directed content and tagging an entire section or sub-directory (via Console) won’t be necessary. In this case, you can send child-directed ad requests via GPT tag from the pages where you wouldn’t want to run interest-based ads. 

The rest of the pages can serve personalized ads as usual. You have to flag the ad request with child-directed status with the following API call: 

googletag.pubads().setTagForChildDirectedTreatment(int options);

Learn more about how to become COPPA compliant here.

Automatad Team

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