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How to Expand/Contract Backfill Ads to Fit into a Mobile Device?

Do you know a simple setting can fit your backfill ad of any size into a mobile device neatly? Get in to know how to set it up.

Did you know that if you have an ad creative of 300×250 and a mobile device width of 360px; you can still expand the creative and serve it as a 360×300 ad? Besides, you can even make an ad creative small and serve it on an inventory size bigger than the creative size.

If you’re wondering whether ad size matter in mobile web advertising or not, then you should give a read to the detailed guide on our new blog. Not only ad sizes impact the impressions, but they also have a huge impact on revenue as well as eCPMs. Besides, why spend time and create new ad creatives when you can use the existing ones?

ad slot expansion

The Ad slot expansion is available for Google Ad Manager 360 publisher but can be enabled for your account by the Account Manager. Once you get the feature enabled, the feature will be turned ON by default. 

Please note that this shortcut only applies to Backfill display and out-stream video ads on the mobile web. Not all ad slots are currently capable of expansion/contraction by this method. 

Here are the steps to see if the feature is enabled/disabled in your account:

  • Go to Google Ad Manager home page, and click Admin > Global settings > Network settings.

network settings in google ad manager

  • In the Network settings section, scroll down to enable/disable the feature. Here’s a screenshot of a GAM account with the “Ad contraction” feature enabled by default. Similar to this, there will be an option “Ad expansion for mobile web” that should be enabled to expand the ad sizes.

enable ad contraction in google ad manager

Hope this answers your question!

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