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Weekly Roundup: Ad Issues In 2022, UID 2.0 Update, NYTimes’ Latest Acquisition, And More

Ad issues in 2022
“Once the administrator has been determined, that is the point, one would assume, that UID 2.0 will go fully into production, and get out of the holding pattern that it has been in,”


  • The results of a recent Mediaocean survey are in and most executives believe that cross-platform, integrated media issues will continue to drive the biggest changes in 2022. Nearly 57% of respondents believe that improvements in cookie-measurement solutions will be the second-highest driver in the business.
  • NBC Universal has introduced a new first-party data platform, NBCUnified. The platform aims to leverage the data of its 200 million consumers and improve the quality of ads across its platforms.
  • The fate of OpenPass — a Single Sign-On (SSO) technology launched by Criteo, for authenticating web users and letting them sign in to websites using their email addresses is now in doubt. Moreover, the industry is still skeptical about Unified ID 2.0.
  • The French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) fined Google 150 million EUR and Facebook 60 million EUR for not respecting consumers’ freedom of consent. According to the organization, both companies make it easier for users to accept the cookies but not decline the cookies.
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