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Weekly Roundup: Latest AdTech Trends, Big Tech Advertisers In 2021, Google’s New Patent, And More

Weekly Roundup
2021 also saw both ad sellers and buyers clamoring to figure out ways in which they could integrate alternative ID solutions into their business plans. The most popular solutions included those created by The Trade Desk and Amazon.


  • Contextual targeting became quite popular in 2021.
  • Despite testing alternative identifier options, publishers remain hesitant to include them in ad sales deals.
  • Publishers remain as worried about the effects of third-party cookie deprecation on their businesses as they were during Q1 of 2021.
  • Social media platforms were scarcely focused on by publishers during 2021.
  • Mobile marketing saw a number of changes in 2021; with publishers, especially the smaller ones still coping with the changes of a post-IDFA world.
  • With rising concerns for privacy and changes in regulations various big tech advertising (Facebook, Google, Amazon) companies went through a number of changes in 2021.
  • Google was granted a patent this week by The United States Patent and Trademark Office describing a technology that can control the authorization of data transmission within a network, as well as attribute clicks without using cookies.
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