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Weekly Roundup: Adtech Trends for Publishers, Facebook and Google Sued by Publishers, And More

Google and Facebook have been sued by a group of 30 companies that own more than 200 local newspapers in a consolidated antitrust lawsuit.


  • Revenues from digital audio subscriptions are about to reach a record high in the U.S. as growing advertising shares cause an inflection in the digital audio market.
  • The ad industry marks a record growth in 2022, as the global ad industry is expected to reach the $1 trillion mark by 2025.
  • Axios reinvests its profits to accelerate internal growth and build the brand. 
  • New York Times launches a new audio app aimed to create direct relationships with its users and to reinvent how audio apps utilize discovery tools. 
  • Industry Dive utilizes email, accurate strategic execution, leveraging of a niche market, and ads to set itself up for an expected $100 million revenue generation in 2022.
  • Google and Facebook get sued by close to 200 local newspaper publishers in an antitrust lawsuit.
  • Cookie compliance is still a major hurdle despite three years of GDPR as many top publishers still remain non-compliant.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation states Google’s Manifest V3 guidelines require a better approach as they limit legitimate extensions and do not solve privacy-related issues efficiently.
Automatad Team

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