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Weekly Roundup: Ad Tech Trends, Google Privacy Sandbox Update, Standardized Citation Process, And More

“Every publisher wants its original reporting to get the visibility in search results, especially the top stories, that they deserve. Unfortunately, we don’t feel like that’s always the case."


  • eMarketer says that the total ad spending will increase by 19.9% instead of 15.0% this year.
  • Global digital ad spending will increase by 29.1% rather than 20.4%.
  • Zenith Media predicts that travel ad spending will grow 2-6 times faster than the whole ad market between 2021 and 2023.
  • Travel brands spent 63% of their ad budgets on digital formats during 2020. By 2023, they’ll allocate 70% to digital.
  • Digiday reports one in six publishers is using identifiers in more than half of their deals. Most of the publishers have tested between two to five identifiers in recent months.
  • The UK’s Information Commissioner has expressed her opinions and expectations of the future of the ad tech industry. Meanwhile, the Members of the European Parliament have already voted for tougher restrictions on data collection.
  • Google has revised its commitments related to the development of Privacy Sandbox amidst the antitrust investigation in the UK. The tech giant says that it’ll apply the commitments globally if the CMA accepts them.
  • The Association of Online Publishers has devised a standardized process to request citations for original content.
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