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Weekly Roundup: FTC’s New Action Plan, Mozilla’s Analysis on Google’s Privacy Budget Proposal, And More

Adtech Weekly Roundup
The objective of Google's Privacy Budget proposal is to prevent device fingerprinting. But, Mozilla doesn't think that the idea is good enough. In its recent analysis, Mozilla has highlighted the major issues with this Privacy Sandbox proposal.


  • The office of the California Attorney General recently released a set of examples when it sent notices to businesses for CCPA violations. It’s an attempt to provide more clarity around the law.
  • Mozilla has highlighted the issues with Google’s Privacy Budget Proposal. There are many loopholes in the idea that can lead to device fingerprinting.
  • Mozilla’s analysis also says that the exhaustion of the privacy budget can crash websites.
  • Recent past incidents suggest that the FTC will soon move forward in the process of creating new privacy rules. Apart from data collection practices, FTC can also focus heavily on the privacy of children.
  • If the FTC decides to make new privacy rules, the implementation can take years due to a time-consuming process.
  • IAB Europe is writing letters to publishers and consent management providers to fix their GDPR violations. Many consent management providers are not following its Transparency and Consent Framework. It is suspending such companies until the issues aren’t fixed.
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