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Weekly Roundup: Ad Tech Trends, Funding for FTC, FLoC Analysis, And More

The most important thing about this refocus is not just deciding what we are going to do, but what we aren’t going to do.


  • The growth rate of US digital ad spending has slowed down from its pre-pandemic speed. But industries like retail, consumer products, and financial services will maintain their strong growth. Every major sector will increase its ad spend by at least 10% in 2021.
  • The UK digital ad market is expected to grow 16.8% this year. The travel industry will rebound with a 33% boost.
  • The month-wise data of the US ad economy shows slower growth in August. The 17.5% YoY increment is the slowest in the past half-year.
  • Ad spends on video games is up by 17% in 2021. The market has expanded from $360 million to $421.2 million
  • Under its new strategy, Maven will host and acquire sites from the sports or finance vertical only. So far, the company has dealt with a diverse set of sites.
  • News UK is offering its own data platform to function in the post-cookie world. This approach has brought many benefits to the publisher.
  • Criteo has continued its analysis of FLoC cohorts in a four-part series. The third article of the series is out. It tries to understand the utility, challenges, and shortcomings of the FLoC approach.
  • The FTC can receive more funding for staff and resources to work at a larger scale. The senators have already written the letter to the agency, urging it to undertake a rulemaking process to protect consumer data.
Automatad Team

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