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Adtech GDPR Questions to Muscle up Your Brain!

Ad tech GDPR Questions
This article serves as a source to discover a few interesting questions about GDPR and its aftermath.

It’s displeasing to know that GDPR was approved in 2016. Even with the two-year transition period, brands and companies are still struggling to comply with the law. Most admit they’re not going to be ready when GDPR storm hits the shed.

What about Adtech?

Without a doubt, Adtech will be agonized by the law. Advertising technologies rely on users’ data to optimize and target Ad campaigns effectively. As the GDPR makes it essential to get consent from the users’ in an ‘unambiguous’ way, publishers are going to face uncertainty in ad revenue and partnerships. 

This article serves as a source to discover a few interesting questions about GDPR and its aftermath.

Adtech GDPR Questions:

1. Is IAB Europe’s GDPR Consent Framework the right one for Mid-Market publishers?

2. Are there any publishers (Other than Axel Springer and Schibsted) who’ve adopted the GDPR Framework with in-house CMPs?

3. How can I handle an EU user who’s under 16? Are there any guidelines/technologies available specifically to deal with them?

4. What are the expected losses, if I deliver non-personalized ads?

5. What will be the future of Preferred deals? Can Publisher (think mid-range market) contact advertisers to settle on a deal with a decent CPM as they did before? Because after GDPR, advertisers will be having fewer data to work on a decision.

6. The maximum validity of any users’ consent is 13 months. So, if I prefer to change the CMP within the 13 month period, will the consents gets transferred between the old and new CMPs?

7. How is EU going to take action against those who didn’t comply with the law? Proactively going after the non-complaints or pursuing the violation requests received.  

8. If a visitor says no to a vendor, can I only ask the visitor again when the vendor has changed its privacy/data handling policies?

9. What kind of forefront investments might be required for a publisher to develop an in-house CMP?

10. If Publishers are going after the Google’s ‘Funding Choices’, will they be able to sustain at least 60 – 70 percent of their present revenue?

11. Can GDPR swim enough to reach small and mid-market publishers? Are they relatively safe?

12. Who’s going to take a big hit – Social Media Networks or Publishers?

13. What’s your own word advice to a Publisher?

What’s your answer? Feel free to comment and share with your Adtech buddies. Because we need all the help we could get. 

Have more questions? Throw them too!

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