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Can Google AdSense Earn Better than Google AdX and Header Bidding?

Sometimes, it may not be clear. Can AdSense get you more revenue than Google Ad Exchange and header bidding combined? We’ll help you derive the answer and choose what’s best for your site.

It depends. In some rare cases, publishers with extremely higher CTR (greater than 1%) can perform better on AdSense itself and connecting Google Ad Exchange and Header Bidding wouldn’t make a big difference.

This is true, especially, if a publisher has been using AdSense for several years. Google probably understands the site and its performance better so it can direct the best paying ads.

But in most cases, Google AdX and header bidding can outperform AdSense substantially. We’ve seen it first-hand with our publishers. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Give it some time. Google Ad Exchange and demand partners bidding via Header Bidding wrapper take some time to whitelist and start bidding on your impressions. It might take a few weeks to see the performance improvements.
  • Ensure your setup is optimized. From price floors to demand to viewability to page load speed, you need to make sure you have the right setup to reap the benefits of header bidding. Adding demand partners alone won’t solve your problems or increase revenue.

Need any help? Give us a shout at automatad.com.

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At Automatad, we help publishers to monetize better without hampering the user experience. Our products are live across hundreds of publishers, earning them incremental ad revenue with every passing second. You can request a free audit to get an estimated revenue uplift today.

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