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How Can a Publisher Display a Set of Ads to a Particular User?

At the request of an advertiser, a publisher like you can display a set of ads to a particular user via Google Ad Manager. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can do it.

Many times, an advertiser asks the publisher to display a set of ads to a particular user in order to increase the chances of conversion. Good thing is that the publisher can do this via Google Ad Manager itself without any hassles.

This is how you can do it in Google Ad Manager:

  1. Go to the Line items tab and click on the Settings. Under “Adjust delivery” in the “Display creatives” list, select “Only one”.
  2. In the “Rotate creatives”, select Sequential.
  3. Now, upload the creatives that you want to rotate. You can rotate a set of 80 ad creatives and change the order of creatives by clicking on the sequence number.

The above changes will make sure that the ad creatives are delivered sequentially to a user. However, the sequential rotation will stop working if the creatives do not serve to the impression due to the following reasons:

  • Frequency capping. If any of the ad creatives in the rotation has a frequency cap label and hits the cap; then the creatives will no longer be rotated and delivered until the next time period starts.
  • Inapt ad slot. If the size of the creative doesn’t fit with the ad slot; then the creatives will not be rotated.
  • Different date ranges. It is mandatory for the ad creatives to serve at the same time duration. If even one of the creatives isn’t eligible to serve in a day; then the rotation will not work.

To put it simply, when you apply the rotation to the ad creatives, they all should be eligible to serve. Even if one fails, the rotation will start from the next time period.

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