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How to Fix ‘Ad Creatives Getting Rejected’ Issue in Google Ad Manager?

If your Ad creatives are continuously getting rejected, malvertising on the landing page can be one of the major causes. Let’s find out how to fix the issue in this article.

In Google Ad Manager, you’ll come across some issues while trafficking ad creatives. The most common one is ad creative getting rejected because of malvertising on the landing page. That is, Google says that you aren’t allowed to serve this specific ad creative as there seems to be malware in the landing page (the page users go to when they click on the creative).

But the problem is Google wouldn’t be consistent at all. You can traffic the same creative on a different ad network, but you can’t do it with yours. In any case, here’s a quick checklist that can help you fix the issue.

a) Ensure the landing page is secured and encrypted with an SSL certificate. Users shouldn’t be directed to http://, but https://.

b) To double-check, run your landing page via Google transparency report and see if any errors are showing up – here. If there are any errors, then you need to resolve them first before trafficking the creative.

c) What if everything’s right and you still couldn’t figure out the issue? The best way to move forward, in this case, is to traffic the creative as HTML5 template. When you do so, you don’t need to insert the landing page separately as the page becomes a part of the template itself. Here’s how to do it.

Still couldn’t pass through? Then, analyze the page via other malvertising tools to see if you have overlooked anything and remove any unnecessary scripts from the page.

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