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google’s privacy sandbox proposal
Adtech Weekly Roundups
Automatad Team

Weekly Roundup: Google’s Privacy Sandbox Origin Trials, SDA Better Than Topics API, and More

With third-party cookies on the verge of being phased out, Google begins Privacy Sandbox origin trials. It is a proposal on how the tech giant hopes to accommodate addressability and targeting in the future. The trials will make advanced features that limited developers can test, available on the canary version of the Google Chrome web browser. Read on to know more about it, among other important adtech updates from the past week.

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Utah consumer privacy law
Automatad Team

Weekly Roundup: Utah’s Consumer Privacy Law, Google’s ESP Enters Open Beta, New Ad Fraud Scheme, and More

Another privacy law is about to be passed in the US, making Utah the fifth state to pass a consumer-privacy legislation. However, unlike its predecessors, this law takes the interest of small and mid-sized publishers into account. In other news, Google introduces ESP to its GAM, and there is a new ad fraud scheme in town. Read on to learn more in this week’s roundup!

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