The Hindu generates an additional revenue of 40% in just 2 months

About the publisher:

The Hindu is one of the pioneers in the publishing industry in India. They started out as a weekly newspaper in 1878 and were the first to launch a digital newspaper in India in 1995 and have a traffic of 33.9M, out of which about 30% of the traffic comes from the United states.

Business Goals:

They were looking for a solution which will not only provide them additional revenue but also will also provide a solution to set up Header bidding

Our Approach:


The Hindu  partnered with Automatad  in 2016  and our audit team checked the website’s performance and ran A/B tests to identify which placements would help them generate maximum revenue without affecting the user experience. They were able to create new ad units which are native to the content using Formats, and this generated additional inventory on their website which helped them generate additional revenue of 30% in a very short span of 2 months.

AXT (Active exposure time):

The Hindu was the first  to implement AXT (Active Exposure time), when it was launched in the first quarter of 2017.  With AXT, they were able to utilize their existing inventory and  Sell a new impression for every 20 seconds of viewable engaged time which resulted in 2x times higher RPMs. Also, this enabled them to sell their viewable inventory at a 3x times higher cpms and the monthly impressions shot up from 15M to 30M.


With the Automatad platform, it became very easy to add their bidder partners and create wrappers and set up thousands of line items in the DFP with just a few clicks and this way  they were able to set up header bidding end to end with zero technical assistance. Automatad’s dashboard is simple and easy to analyse and also this has reduced their dependency on other platforms. In one glance they were able to identify their performance for the month in terms of revenue, bidder partners and ecpm and all this data can be analysed in real time.  


Although The Hindu has been working with Automatad for just 15 months, their growth has been tremendous. Overall, they have generated an additional revenue of 40% and also the number of impressions shot up 15M/month to 30M/month in just 2 months.


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